Norex, has been stalwart in the flavours and fragrances industry with over three decades on unmatched expertise. Taking our legacy of flavours and fragrances forward, we have used our competencies to make our range readily available to everyone from MNC's to every home in India. Whether you are an application laboratory trying to work out the best flavour combination for your products, or a home-baker churning our exceptional cakes 'Norexmart' is here for you.

We are proud to present our highly functional and able production facilities and in-depth knowledge of flavour & fragrance chemistry, thereby producing products that are of international standards. We have highly stringent quality checks to ensure our products are top-notch.

Our inhouse expertise has an impressive background in flavour & fragrance technology and are therefore adept at creating products that surpass industry standards.

Our range of products includes flavours, fragrance and essential oils. What sets us apart from the rest is our deliverance. We founded 'Norexmart' with the intention of servicing every individual with 'Industrial or commercial' quality flavours. Therefore in terms of flavour profile & fragrance notes, we deliver export quality materials to all our customers.

Having served across USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, Latin America, UK, Africa and Asia in our B2B services, we are now setting foot into B2C market so that every customer gets nothing but the best with regards to flavours, fragrances and essential oils.


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