10 reasons for the rise of Home Bakers & increased use of flavours at Home

10 reasons for the rise of Home Bakers & increased use of flavours at Home

The culture of home bakers churning up some scrumptiously delicious home-baked goodies has been prevalent across the world. These tiny home bakers’ start-ups have been a small but consistent source of fun, income, and feed to the passion of thousands. It’s heartening to see that the same culture is now getting prevalent in India as well. With an increase in the general spirit of entrepreneurship, the landscape for home bakers in India looks quite promising. There are several underlying reasons why there has been a consistent rise in the home baker’s business in India.

A lucrative business opportunity 

India has always been home to passionate home-makers with a flair for creating scrumptious home-made goodies. Homemakers' business offers an attractive opportunity for homemakers to create a lucrative business opportunity out of this. There is a good return on investment, an opportunity to express your creativity. Baking is also associated with being an oddly satisfying and relaxing activity. Baking is a skill and with many home bakers’ classes around, it's quite easy to learn the tricks of the trade. It’s also a learn on the job kind of business that adds to the appeal of home bakery start-up as a business.

Ease of doing business

Any business is often judged by the ease of execution to offers. Unlike various other businesses, this business doesn’t tie you down with a host of licenses or marketing costs. A basic level of skill, a good hand at baking, passion for making it a side hustle, and good word of mouth publicity is enough to start your very own bakery start-up.

The Covid Pandemic opens new opportunities

With the onset of Covid Pandemic, there was an immediate consumer shift from a retail store or cake shops to the home bakery business. The core reason is also the trust factor. People prefer purchasing from a clean, hygienic, and trusted home baker as opposed to a cake that is prepared on the factory floor. The uncertainty of cake shop cakes has further given impetus to a rise in the home bakers business. For most, this could be a friend, a relative, or an acquaintance that they trust which automatically improves their market value.

Reach because of social media

Technology has been a big reason for this shift in the trend. The most important factor for this is the ease of marketing without spending a lot of money on expensive advertising. In fact, even social media ads are very easy to run and access of a home baker with basic social media knowledge. Just using any home baker’s app, they can ace social media platforms, share social media posts and home bakery blogs and get a decent following. This is what makes the home bakery business such an appealing business choice.

Low investment costs

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of starting up a business is the investment costs involved. The best part about being a part of a home bakery business is the minimal costs involved. All you need is an oven and basic planetary mixer. In fact, you could hand whisk yourself. Even considering the raw material costs, the margins can be really attractive when it comes to the home bakery business. Taking into consideration that various customisations people prefer with their cakes, home bakers can not just charge more, but also offer really attractive customization.

Availability of materials like flavours.

The biggest sign that shows that the business trend is on the rise is when the raw material availability goes up too. Right from the availability of cake mixes online, to a host of brick & mortar stores that offer cake accessories, almost everyone can get their hands on the raw materials. While earlier Vanilla flavour would be the only common flavour available online, you can now get a host of flavour online. With E-commerce thriving, websites such as Norexmart.com offer you amazing flavour options to choose from to make the cake of your choice.

Quick learning classes or online sessions

Don’t know anything more than a basic cake? You can now improve your chances by taking quick online sessions or online baking videos that teach you so much. The digital world has been a true accelerator to the online bakery business.

The entrepreneurial mindset

An increasing trend observed is that people prefer being their own bosses as opposed to working under a firm.  People are now inclined towards having an entrepreneurial mindset and hence home bakery becomes one of the simplest but attractive business options to pursue. The best part is that you can learn at home, practice at home and even sell from home.

Losses of jobs and increase in alternate business.

With an increase in job losses or lack of good pay in the job market, many people either begin this as a side hustle or choose to do this as a full-time business opportunity. This is more than just a way of earning a quick buck. The love for home bakery couple with a range of home bakers recipe availability it has now become super easy to look as home bakery Startup as the primary choice of income for people.


If you wish to take your love for home bakery commercial, then go for your very own home bakery start-up and begin your home bakery journey today.