Flavours for making Immunity herbal products palatable

Flavours for making Immunity herbal products palatable

We are all living in strange times; the world has never before been at such a high risk of health ailments. The onset of the coronavirus has genuinely changed the way we look at health and fitness. The coronavirus pandemic has brought the focus back on maintaining immunity. Because there is no cure or vaccine or the virus yet, the only respite we have is actually to strengthen our immunity. As a result, there has been an unprecedented rise in the demand for herbal food products. While critics and health experts continue to debate if herbal products are good or bad, the answer is clear. Herbal products benefits are now famous and well known across the globe. They are a much more natural way of improving your body systems. Are you wondering why already natural herbal products need flavours?

Herbal Products need excellent masking agents

Most immunity-boosting foods have a very strong, pungent astringent or bitter taste, which makes it unpalatable for the majority. Very few people actually prefer opting for such bitter-tasting mixes, snack bars or drinks as a part of their daily consumption. In order to make the consumption of herbal products that are known to have immune-boosting properties, it is essential to mask the bitterness. Did you know that flavour addition can add flavour to the product, but without appropriate flavour masking, the bitterness remains despite the addition of a new flavour? Certain flavours have their own unique characteristic, which makes it ideal as a flavour masker for immunity-boosting food products.  

Understanding the science behind the flavour

Did you know that flavour is broadly classified into salt, sweet, bitter, sour and umami? Usually, the umami flavour is a more well-rounded flavour note that adds that extra oomph factor to any dish. However, there is never one single flavour or ingredient that delicately masks an off note. This requires a carefully blended mix of flavour notes and products that create an unmatched balance of flavours. Some unique ways of masking flavours include adding chocolate, malt or caffeine flavour as the masking agents. They have a way of masking the original flavour notes such as bitterness etc. It is no wonder that chocolate undoubtedly remains one of the most popular flavour notes.

Making Herbal products kids friendly –

When you incorporate herbal products into daily usage, taste must remain a crucial factor. During the pandemic, it is necessary to consume products that make you immune to coronavirus. For kids, flavours such as the chocolate flavour, or ginger flavour, garlic flavour are sharp flavours act as excellent masking agents.


Here’s how you can create flavours for immunity products

  1. Learn to create a good base – This base will be a blend of your core active ingredients, this could be turmeric, ginseng, blend of vitamins & minerals and other nutritional immunity-boosting products.
  2. Mask the off notes – Taste the base product and clearly define what the base notes are that are overtaking your sense. The chances are that these base notes are of a specific source or note. You can now choose a counter masking ingredient based on it. Sometimes products such as cyclodextrins, maltodextrins act as a masking agent when already present in the base.
  3. Use the flavour of your choice – The thumb rule that is often overlooked is that never over flavour your product because you think it’ll mask the original flavour. Use the adequate and correct amount of flavour to create a beautifully balanced flavour note. Sometimes you could blend two or more flavours in a balanced way to create a beautiful flavour note.


Some offbeat flavours that work excellent for herbal products


While typical flavours such as Vanilla and chocolate are a great choice, there are other exciting products too. Try out flavours such as ginger flavour, milky note flavours, garlic or tomato flavours as a way of creating an exciting blend of herbal products. If you do not mind using savoury notes, you can create a nice spicy mix, for example, soup blends with herbal products. Or a spicy beverage mix note that is made up of flavour blends combined with rock salt. Sharp and spicy flavours such as these create such a punch and bang of flavours in the mouth that you can overcome the existing flavour notes.


When in doubt, always try to incorporate an Umami flavour profile which not just masks off flavours but itself creates a well-rounded taste profile. Make it easier for consumers to have products such as herbal tea, herbal mixes, chawanprash like products by making it more palatable for your consumers. Besides that, always encourage consumption of natural immunity boosting foods too. A right combination of both will enhance your immunity. Visit www.norexmart.com to experience the range of flavours available that compliment your immune booster products perfectly.

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