Scented Candles – the rising trend in India

Scented Candles – the rising trend in India
Scented candles are primarily used to remove or cover up unpleasant odours from the surrounding areas. Nowadays, in India, scented candles are not perceived as a luxury item anymore. In fact, scented candles have become an indispensable part of the lifestyle today. The home fragrance industry is gaining traction in India, and in the coming years, India will be a substantial market and one of the major growth drivers of the global home fragrance industry. There has been a sizeable rise in demand for home fragrance products in India, and it is estimated that the home fragrance products account for almost 40% of the overall fragrance industry. There are many implicit reasons for this rising trend.


Growth in demand and market

Consumers are getting more and more serious about their lifestyle, and personal care and fragrances are considered as a predominant part of the lifestyle. The role of perfumes and scented candles to notch up the aesthetics and appeal of any surrounding space are not only limited to living rooms and bathrooms anymore. In fact, they have crept into other areas as well, such as cars, offices, spas and restaurants. Lately, the predisposition among consumers is to experiment with flavours and hence flavoured scented candles have a considerable market share. The market share is expected to increase many folds, given the increased spending power of consumers today and also proclivity towards candles as a source of fragrance and home décor.

Benefits of Scented candles

The rise of scented candles consumption is also due to the many benefits it offers. Scented candles can add to the ambience and the atmosphere of the place. A few well placed lighted candles help in creating a cosy innate atmosphere. They have soothing and healing properties. Aroma candles can help you relax, calm your mind, make you feel energised and help you be more productive with your daily activities. Scented candles laced with essential oils emanated from the candles help in stimulating the brain, calms down the anxieties and helps in inducing a sense of well-being. There are many different varieties of candles available in different colours which adds to the ambience and lighting of the room. Lighted scented candles give an urbane and affable look to the houses. The colours add to the vibrancy of the room and help to set the mood for the perceived occasion. Candles help you during meditation. It supports visualisation exercises and manifestation techniques involved in meditation by allowing us concentrate more. Scented candles are also used during prayers. Last but not the least candles can be used as a useful source of light during travel or when the primary source of power goes off.


A remunerative business opportunity

Candle making is one of the most popular business venture opportunity for beginners or budding or small-scale entrepreneurs. The initial investment required to start the scented candle business is much less as compared to other sectors. The process of manufacturing scented candles is simple and doesn’t involve heavy machinery. The raw materials required to manufacture are readily available in the market. Also, the demand for candles will never run dry as candles are necessary throughout the year be it for religious purposes or for household consumptions or as a source of fragrance.

Scented Candles make the perfect gift

Scented candles as gifts are perfect irrespective of the person or occasion. Be it for a friend’s birthday party, as a house warming gift, as festive season gifts or as a valentine’s gift. You can personalise the candles or embellish them with different designs depending on what other person prefers. It also makes a wonderful add on a gift along with the main gift. Scented candles gift box is not only good value for money but comes across as thoughtful, easy to send. Scented candles price range anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 2000 foe an entire scented candle gift set. Scented candle jars are easy to store and have a luxurious appeal to it. They are considered as unique gifts and are widely received by the recipients for their added health and aesthetic benefits. Also, they can be a DIY product and can be easily made in the confines of your house as you only require wax, wicks, essential oils, fragrances and fancy moulds if you are to make designer candles. Moreover, DIY gifts add much more value and make the recipient feel extra special as you put your time creating something rather than buying a gift from the store


Scented candles – an easy DIY product

While there are a number of readymade candles available in the category, scented candles are perfect DIY (DO It Yourself) products and are easier to make. The following are scented candles DIY steps. Begin by sourcing raw materials and equipment’s like wax, wicks, fragrance oils, containers, boilers, thermometers and a spatula. The first step is to prepare a sperate work area as making candles can be a messy affair. Have all equipment’s and accessories ready. The second step is to melt the wax. There are different kinds of wax like paraffin which is a commonly used wax, soy wax which doesn’t give out soot and is not harmful and toxic. The other and the most expensive material is the beeswax which is a by-product of honey-making process and completely natural. The third step is to adhere the wick through the container. Add fragrance oils and desired colours in the mix. In the fourth step, pour the melted wax in the container and secure the wick. Let the wax cool, and your candle is ready. There are many DIY articles that you can read and videos on YouTube, which you can view to get the hang of the scented candles making process.


Advantages of scented candles as compared to different sources of fragrances.

There are different sources of fragrances like wax melts and incense sticks available in the market. The Scented candle not only emanates aroma but also creates a relaxing ambience and makes the room feel cosier with its warm glow. Using this is easier than wax because it melts and doesn’t require an electric source to function. The scent throw of scented candles is much stronger and more lasting than that of incense sticks and wax melts. The fragrance from the scented candles lingers around the room for a considerable amount of time even after the candle has completely melted. Scented candles can double up as décor and add to the aesthetics of the house. No timely maintenance or cleaning required as compared to wax melts. Healthy options such as Soya wax and beeswax are available which do not release soot or harmful smoke like incense sticks. This is available in many designs and scents. Because of their many advantages, the scented candle will dominate as the most preferred source of fragrance among the consumers for a long time. There are pros and cons in the scented candles vs wax melts debate and also scented candles vs incense sticks debate, but scented candles just for its added benefit of adding to the ambient décor seems to be the clear winner
The scented candle industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. This is the right time to invest and grow as there is ‘light ahead’ in the candle industry.




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