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Here's a flavour that packs a punch to the tongue for the first bite or the first sip. Our mixed fruit flavour is nothing short of magical deliciousness as it encapsulates the perfect blend of delicious fruit notes across the fruit spectrum. The balancing act between the range of fruity flavours has been flawlessly executed to perfection. Our water-soluble flavours use all the right ingredients that perfectly blend with your aqueous base solution in no time. Perfect for cocktails and mocktails while also coming through exceptionally in those delectable candies and desserts. This could be the secret ingredient in your base ice-cream flavour that sets you apart from the rest of the flavour of choice for a quintessential mixed fruit beverage. Just one drop or 0.2%-0.3% flavour can do wonders to your food of choice.  While you could be pretty generous with your additions, in reality, a little drop here and a little touch there is all you need to achieve flavour artistry.

Applications Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Savoury, Water Soluble
Shipping Cost 100
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