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No, you don’t have to climb the hill-stations anymore to get the perfect strawberry punch. Our strawberry is a versatility goddess that just embodies the wholesomeness of the most popular drink flavour offers. Strawberry stand for lusciousness, deliciousness and dripping goodness. This scarlet fruit is an unbelievable piece of nature that is sweet, real and flawlessly flavourful. Strawberry can remain the star of the dish without needing any other flavour as a supporting cause. It is a standalone stunner that has the sweetest flavour profile, fruit Mouthfull goodness and red deliciousness about it that is unmatched. Our flavour has been designed to be used across applications, for instance, it can be added into flavoured mocktails and cocktails, into whipped creams for cakes, into cakes and more. This one is as versatile as versatile gets. If you like creating your very own blend of versatile flavours, our strawberry flavour is the perfect accompaniment for you to create the ideal fruit balancing act.

Applications Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Food Flavours, Water Soluble
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