Fusion Flavours – The new trend

Fusion Flavours – The new trend

The world has come closer than ever before. There has been a beautiful amalgamation of cultures across the world and it has been one of the most exciting trade-offs for everyone globally.  This is when the birth of fusion flavours witnessed a steep rise. The primary reason why fusion flavours became such a trend is because as people travelled across the world, an evolved sense of taste came to existence over time.

The variety in fusion flavours

The eastern part of the world is dominated by the stronghold of its spices and condiments. Whether it is the pungency of some flavour or the spiciness of others, these flavours never disappoint you. Similarly, the west has been more influenced by a bakery styled cooking, raw meat flavours and smoked flavours. Over the years, these flavours have travelled across borders and stayed back becoming local favourites in completely different regions.

Catching on the trend of flavour fusion drinks

Due to this infiltration of flavour trends, the most popular category that witnesses a range of changes in the beverage drinks category. Flavour fusion drinks have been a growing popular category and a trend that has caught on across the globe. As per reports a compounded growth of over 6% for the next five years was expected as per researchers.  A shift in consumer preferences has been noticed as the consumers themselves prefer a much more artsy combination of flavours. Be it brave flavour choices and combinations that have a quirky taste when combined or a much more subtle flavour choice that blend together beautifully. These are now popularly known as ‘Hybrid Drinks’.

The reason for this shift

One of the primary reasons for this shift definitely is the ease & accessibility across the world.  There is an improved association between a person’s lifestyle and food preferences. These trendy flavours are a way of incorporating luxury and class into food.  Another reason that can be attributed is the fact that various health-based drinks popular in one part of the world has caught on in other parts of the world. For instance, tea-based drinks or herbal drinks that were native to a specific region are now accessible across the world.

Innovation lies at the crux of this development

Be it Flavour fusion drinks or Asian fusion flavours, the core reason for its popularity is finding the right sweet spot when it comes to acceptable flavours. Blending in the local fusion flavours with a much more developed global palette takes skill and innovation. Various fusion flavour restaurants tried their hands at this experimentation. Various global flavours started becoming a common occurrence in luxurious dinners and fusion kitchens. Eventually, this also seeped into the local drinks and over the counter food products, especially drinks.

The various types of beverages as a part of the flavour fusion trend

Soft drinks are the primary category that is a part of this flavour trend. Various multinational companies are experimenting with a range of local and international flavour favourites, keeping in mind local taste sensibilities.

Infusion tea or coffee – Tea is one of the most popular local favourites that has been a beloved trend across the globe. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from; everyone loves a good tea or coffee as a part of their daily beverage consumption. The world is witnessing a fast-paced evolution in tea and coffee trends. Herbal and infused tea is becoming a popular favourite, when it comes to coffee various flavours are being incorporated too.

Fruit Juice flavours - Imagine having direct access to seasonal and regional fruits across the world by just getting access to a bottle of flavour fusion drinks. There is an increasing trend observed in innovations when it comes to fruit juices. The right blend of fruit juice concentrates done with the right blend of flavours is the best way to get direct access to fusion flavours. The thriving trend of Asian flavours trends can be a refreshing treat to the sense and fits perfectly in the consumer shift towards flavour trends.

With the packaging industry and the fusion flavour restaurant industry catching up with the trend, it gives the perfect boost to flavours infusion. The demand for such fusion drinks is now creating a cultural melting pot across cultures where we can experience the vibrance and beauty of flavour fusion drinks sitting in any corner of the world. With the easy availability of flavours due to the rise in e-commerce segments, now one can even create homemade dishes with customised fashion flavours as per their will and wishes. For instance, Norexmart offers a range of natural and nature-identical flavours that can be brought easily via the online store. Now be it preparing homemade ice-cream or fusion drinks for the guests, making flavourful refreshing drinks at home is now easier than ever before.

With the younger generation inclined towards processed and packaged foods while also opting for more health-conscious drinks, appropriate innovation within this segment holds unlimited scope for this industry.